Wang’s Happy Hour Fundraiser


Location: Wang’s in North Park

3029 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104

Time: 6:30pm- 9:30pm


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Help us help young adults uncover their purpose and start their career by making a difference. All funds raised will support our creation of new long term volunteer programs in San Diego.

Admission includes food (from Wang’s) and a drink ticket.

Come prepared for a super cool silent auction and awesome people trying to change the world.


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Workshops@ San Diego State

In addition to our virtual workshop series, this spring we will host 4 workshops on San Diego State University’s campus.  Each workshop will include information about stipend long term volunteer programs (Service Years) including Q&A with program alumni. Each workshop will also go into depth on the specified topics. Students can attend one workshop in the series or all four.  Email with any questions.

Tuesday, March 24th at 2:30pm@ North Education Room 273: Uncovering Passion and Purpose

So you have been following the traditional “trajectory” of development: high school, college, internships…but something feels off. You want to solve problems, make a difference, and feel alive. Maybe you’re not sure where to start to make it happen. This workshop is filled with experiential exercises and group discussions aimed at helping you articulate your next steps as a changemaker, to put your passion into action.

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Tuesday, April 7th at 4:30pm @ North Education Room 273: Why Long-Term Service? How to Use a “gap year” to Launch Your Career

In this workshop we will explore a wide range of long-term service programs, including stipend, paid and self-designed opportunities. You will hear from professionals who used their service year experience to launch a unique and exciting career in the realm of social change.

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Wednesday, April 15th 5:30pm@ North Education Room 273: Applying to Long-Term Service Programs

The application process for long-term service programs can be daunting: personal essays, conveying passion and worldliness, demonstrating a useful skill set, etc. This workshop is great for getting tips from successful long-term service program applicants and will give you a chance to ask questions about the application process.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 at 1:30pm @North Education Room 273: Abundance on a Stipend: How to Manage Money as a Full Time Volunteer

One of the biggest challenges in preparing to volunteer for a year of service is managing your money. In this workshop we will explore your beliefs around money and success, hear from people who have volunteered for years on limited stipends, and explore the creative ways people get by on a lower income. We will discuss resources available to you both while you serve and upon service completion.

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Check Out Our New Logo!

This spring, the Next Generation of Service worked with the senior level graphic design class at San Diego State University  to create a new, more representative logo for our movement.  All the students presented inspiring ideas and after much deliberation we decided to develop Corinne Alexandra’s concept.  Learn more…

About the Designer

CorinnealexandraMy name is Corinne Alexandra & I’m an artist/designer/photographer from San Diego, California, specializing in branding, packaging, & illustration. I’ve been an artist my entire life. From the moment I could pick up a pencil, the creative & eccentric world inside my head just spilled out onto paper, either through storytelling, drawing, or painting. I began freelancing professionally at age 16 when I transformed my early self-taught explorations of photography & graphic design into a booming business. Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with hundreds of artists, musicians, & other talented people, & my works have been published in numerous books, magazines, albums, & other media outlets worldwide. I recently graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

When I’m not working on exciting new projects, I like to spend my down time hunting treasures at weekend swap meets & dusty antique malls, adventuring around this beautiful city I call home, watching cheesy 80s gore movies with my fiancé, or writing for my creative lifestyle blog, Stuck with Pins. (

About the Design


The goal of this brand identity is to attract adventurous college students interested in making a difference in the world, and represent NGS’s unique mentoring skills that guide future leaders onto paths towards social change.

The icon I designed signifies a compass rose blossoming like a lotus flower with the needle of the compass pointing at an angle to imply forward motion. I used the imagery of a compass rose to symbolize the journey of finding one’s path towards the future. The lotus flower, a symbol often used in spiritual contexts to represent growth and enlightenment, references the unique meditative techniques NGS uses for helping individuals decide their direction. The color orange is vibrant and rejuvenating, used to catch the viewer’s attention and spark a sense of optimism for the future. Color psychology suggests orange represents an enthusiasm for life and adventure, and also relates to stimulating social interactions. The turquoise cools down the excitement of the orange and brings the viewer back to the meditative state of self-contemplation necessary for uncovering a true passion for social change. I chose to use a modern sans-serif font that is both bold and approachable. The all-caps type is strong and determined while the all lower-case sub-text is friendly and inviting. Overall, this design encompasses a perfect balance between being inwardly reflective and passionately driven for serving a better world.

April 23rd Stories of Service

StoriesofserviceposterEveryday people are inspired by stories of entrepreneurs, CEO, PhDs, but there are not nearly enough stories about leaders who got their start as long term volunteers.

Come listen to Alumni of National Service (ie. AmeriCorps, Peace Corps) share their story through song, poem and story.

If you are currently or have previously served in a national service roll (AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, World Teach, etc) and want to perform, please email

For details click here.

Zahn Innovation Center at SDSU

Zahn-250Nicole Campbell, The Next Generation of Service (NGS) Chief of Fundraising, recently pitched NGS’s Idea in the second annual Zahn Challenge at San Diego State University (SDSU)… and we won $3,000!

We are incredibly grateful to the Zahn Innovation Center for their commitment to investing in students who are creating companies with social impact. The NGS Movement’s success depends on understanding and connecting with universities such as SDSU to refine our business model. We also appreciate the opportunity to work with fellow change makers and mentors who believe in our idea. Check out the other members of the Zahn Innovation center here.

Change Maker Fest 2013


NGS (the Next Generation of Service) launched our services this past Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at University of San Diego’s (USD) Change Maker Fest.  USD has a campus mission and spirit that inspires young people to make a difference by working on innovative solutions to social problems; it is a great place for NGS to being the pilot of our mentorship program.

In the morning we hosted our “Introduction to Vocation” Workshop, where we explored the relationship between work and life calling and the difficulties of balancing money with finding our passions.  We talked about what the world would look like if more young people considered participating in service as part of their career path.

In the afternoon we had a table at the “fest” where we met with students and let them know that we have mentors available to help them uncover their passion and learn more about year long service opportunities.

We are excited and grateful to be working with USD to develop and improve our services.

Mission Edge San Diego

MESD logo finalNext Generation of Service (NGS) is excited to announce that Mission Edge San Diego has agreed to support our organization through fiscal sponsorship.

What does this mean for NGS?

  • Donations to the Next Generation of Service will be tax deductible (a donation campaign will be launching soon)
  • NGS will be able to take advantage of services provided to 501c3 organizations such as Salesforce CRM and Idealist
  • NGS will benefit from the wisdom community surrounding Mission Edge and their other fiscally sponsored organizations

More about Mission Edge…


Mission Edge San Diego enables mission-driven organizations to Do More Good.

Good people with good ideas are core to building a stronger community. Sometimes those good ideas don’t fit under the umbrella of existing charitable organizations, or are a defined-term project for which establishing a new nonprofit would be an unnecessary burden. Mission Edge San Diego (MESD) is pleased to offer Fiscal Sponsorship services to these local charitable efforts seeking to attract tax- deductible donations.

About Mission Edge

MESD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing mission-driven organizations with quality back office services – Finance, People, and Information – in order to enhance funder relationships and further mission delivery. By ensuring appropriate and affordable levels of capacity, we help community-benefit organizations move from Starvation Cycle1 to Mission Cycle.

Founded in 2010 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a philanthropic focus, MESD has grown into a stable social enterprise dedicated to bringing additional resources to the nonprofit sector. Supporting a variety of nonprofit clients, we employ multiple knowledge experts representing the critical operational areas and have developed a holistic service continuum spanning organizational needs from start-up to stable to strategic.


2013 Re-launch

The Next Generation of Service Movement began as a conversation among a few passionate young people 2 years ago, today the NGS Movement has rallied the San Diego Community around the idea and importance of service being part of everyone’s career path.

With the help of an amazing board of directors we have filed all the necessary paper work to begin services (hyperlink) and we are excited to launch our new website, blog and social media campaign.

Consider getting involved today! Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, share our mission with your friends.

If you are living in San Diego and are interested in social entrepreneurship and being part of a creative innovation team consider joining one of the founding volunteer teams.

Special thanks to Justin Cooper (website designer), Angela Hess (photographer), Kacie Desmond (copy editor) for their help in the website re-launch.