Check Out Our New Logo!

This spring, the Next Generation of Service worked with the senior level graphic design class at San Diego State University  to create a new, more representative logo for our movement.  All the students presented inspiring ideas and after much deliberation we decided to develop Corinne Alexandra’s concept.  Learn more…

About the Designer

CorinnealexandraMy name is Corinne Alexandra & I’m an artist/designer/photographer from San Diego, California, specializing in branding, packaging, & illustration. I’ve been an artist my entire life. From the moment I could pick up a pencil, the creative & eccentric world inside my head just spilled out onto paper, either through storytelling, drawing, or painting. I began freelancing professionally at age 16 when I transformed my early self-taught explorations of photography & graphic design into a booming business. Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with hundreds of artists, musicians, & other talented people, & my works have been published in numerous books, magazines, albums, & other media outlets worldwide. I recently graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

When I’m not working on exciting new projects, I like to spend my down time hunting treasures at weekend swap meets & dusty antique malls, adventuring around this beautiful city I call home, watching cheesy 80s gore movies with my fiancé, or writing for my creative lifestyle blog, Stuck with Pins. (

About the Design


The goal of this brand identity is to attract adventurous college students interested in making a difference in the world, and represent NGS’s unique mentoring skills that guide future leaders onto paths towards social change.

The icon I designed signifies a compass rose blossoming like a lotus flower with the needle of the compass pointing at an angle to imply forward motion. I used the imagery of a compass rose to symbolize the journey of finding one’s path towards the future. The lotus flower, a symbol often used in spiritual contexts to represent growth and enlightenment, references the unique meditative techniques NGS uses for helping individuals decide their direction. The color orange is vibrant and rejuvenating, used to catch the viewer’s attention and spark a sense of optimism for the future. Color psychology suggests orange represents an enthusiasm for life and adventure, and also relates to stimulating social interactions. The turquoise cools down the excitement of the orange and brings the viewer back to the meditative state of self-contemplation necessary for uncovering a true passion for social change. I chose to use a modern sans-serif font that is both bold and approachable. The all-caps type is strong and determined while the all lower-case sub-text is friendly and inviting. Overall, this design encompasses a perfect balance between being inwardly reflective and passionately driven for serving a better world.