IMG_3946-4Sign up for a mentor today!

We are excited to announce that that NGS mentorship program is undergoing some reorganization in an attempt to serve more people. We appreciate your patience! In the mean time check out these helpful links



If you are a young person (ages 18-25) and you are exploring opportunities to put your passion into action through long term service…or maybe you need help uncovering your passion, sign up to meet with a guide (mentor) today!

How it works

Students are paired with appropriate guides (mentors), who will provide 30-40 minute sessions via video conference. During these sessions, guides use a wide range of tools to help students expand the visions they have for life and explore the role that service can play for them.

Goals of the Program

  • Guide students as they discover and articulate their leadership strengths and passions
  • Ease anxiety associated with postponing pursuing a traditional career path or having a sustainable income
  • Inform mentees on long-term volunteer opportunities that either already exists or can be created