Leading the Hard Conversations

NGS founder, Anna Lenhart, interviewed Breannah Alexander about women reVamped and doing a year of service.

Breannah Alexander is the Founder and Managing Director of women reVamped. She studied Criminal Justice and Public Administration at Grand Valley State University. She currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Women reVamped is a nonprofit that advocates for female socioeconomic mobility through education and mentorship. Breannah works to provide resources for women in the juvenile justice system as well as provide empowerment for young women.


(Re)Defining Feminism is an annual campaign Breannah works on with women reVamped. It is a platform for women to tell and share their stories, whether it be about successes, struggles or whatever the truth is. This campaign helped (Re)Defining Feminism understand that storytelling can be a transformative experience for not only the storyteller but also for the people on the receiving end, said Breannah.


Before Breannah found women reVamped, she served a year with Americorps. Her year of service helped her to rediscover her purpose and reflect on what kind of work she wanted to do with nonprofits. She said that “a member should never leave service the way they came. Otherwise, they did not get out of it what they should’ve.”


Watch the interview to learn more about Breannah and her work of service.

Written by Calli Pererson