Today, October 25th, 2014, millions of volunteers across the country will make a difference in their community by planting trees, building homes, and filling food banks. If you are one of these volunteers, we applaud you! If you were unable to get out in your community today, not to worry! You can still make a difference today (and everyday). Here are some of NGS Movement’s ideas to contribute:


  1. Offer your best advice for a twentysomething by commenting on this post— we will make sure our students and guides see it.
  2. Everyday you are surrounded by people who are serving you (partner, friend, store clerk, etc.). Stop right now and text or call someone who you are grateful for; it makes a difference!
  3. Consider donating to your favorite cause (in case you can’t think of anyone, click here). The organizations serving communities today need volunteers and resources for equipment, services and full-time personnel. This is a great way to #MakeADifference.


Thank you for being a part of our community!