Career Center Rebel

I am on a mission to do something TOTALLY AWESOME after I graduate: to explore my passions, to travel, to be inspired, to reflect on what is important to me and to learn in a non-academic, non-corporate setting.

Over two years ago Erica Spiritos  began her mission to chart an alternative career path and started writing the Career Center Rebel Blog.

Since then she has led 5 Road Less Traveled volunteer trips for high school students around the world. She spent 9 months as a volunteer Intern at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies Center for Trans-boundary Water Management in Israel.

She is currently the Assistant Project Manager at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Episode 1 of the NGS podcast delves into Erica’s Journey from Carnegie Mellon University to her roll as a government employee. She speaks about the roll service has had in her life specifically as learning experiences. Ultimately Erica never wants to work in a job just because it seems like the thing she is “supposed” to do, if you can relate listen here: