Let’s Move

The Next Generation of Service is not a new organization or activist group it is a set of ideas, we are not seeking to change one “issue” we seek to invoke a new way of thinking about what people do with their lives, their time, their hearts.

Our manifesto is bold, we will be ridiculed, we already are “our military is what this nation stands on we can’t cut funding…” The few of us will remain as “lone-nuts,” as Derek Sivers would say, for as long as it takes.  Followers will be leaders, movements are defined by the people that participate and NGS will branch off and evolve in which ever ways its passionate leaders/followers decide (within the values outlined of course).

I see a tipping point, one way or another the way our world currently operates is going to break and it is up to our generation to persuade the “tipping” toward our direction, toward peace, inwardly and outwardly.

The more we write, speak, and serve, the less “risky” our ideas become and before you know it our ideas are policies and social norms (we all know the US government will only make change when risk is no longer involved).

I’ll be here dancing, you are welcome to join, to lead