Neal Gottlieb of Three Twins Ice Cream

Ice cream, ice cream, I scream for ice cream, especially organic, “green” ice cream. Neal Gottlieb, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Morocco, says “Peace Corps is definitely an exercise in patience” this patience has been critical to founding Three Twins Ice Cream, in fact, he is still waiting for the company to be at a point where it can turn a profit (not uncommon in the food industry).

Learn how Three Twins Ice Cream is expanding the organic market while preserving the planet.

Note: this interview starts abruptly because your’s truly forgot to press record at the start :-(

Dare To Innovate

Hilary Braseth is the Founder and Executive Vice President of Dare to Innovate, a program that empowers young West Africans to fight pressing social problems with market-based solutions using creativity. She is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, she served as the community economic development agent in Guinea.


From Peace Corps to Kuli Kuli Foods

Lisa Curtis moved to West Africa to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger. The experience left her with a deeper understanding of malnutrition and agribusiness. Now she runs Kuli Kuli Foods, learn more about her journey and the role service played.

“You have to believe you have something worth pursuing…and I believe that”

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