Dharma Express


Dharma Express provides a fresh new perspective on discovering and living your dharma now. Through experiential programs and products designed for the savvy and sophisticated urbanite, Dharma Express incorporates tools and media to empower those with a vision, with a fire in their belly, and a deep sense of urgency that pushes them beyond the conventional route to happiness. At Dharma Express, we offer the fast track to discovering what is the right thing for you to do next – whether it is to buy a new house, travel to Asia, or propose to your soulmate. Whatever the next step is for you, we’re here to show you how you can discover what to do next, and how to tell if it is the right thing for you!

NGS program directors, in partnership with Dharma Express, provide an initial training  for all Guides. Guides will also have an opportunity to have a series of 6-8 sessions with a Dharma Express coach in training.

As an added benefit, mentors will be eligible to receive advanced Dharma Express coaching training for a 50% discount.

Dharma Express offers one-on-one and group coaching programs designed around the 10-step process of the Dharma Discovery System outlined in the bookDiscover Your Dharma by founder Shivani Singh. Incorporating neuroscience, music, journaling, and effective Dharma Coaching, Dharma Seekers will be able to help mentees move quickly from feeling lost and confused, to knowing exactly what they want to do next in any arena of life they choose – health, career, relationships, creative and intellectual growth, and personal development. On each coaching call, Dharma Seekers will celebrate their successes, get coached around their challenges, and will co-create with their Certified Dharma Coaching their personalized action plan that is customized to their unique personality, lifestyle, schedule, support system, and values.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Know exactly what you’re meant to do next in your career and develop a 6-month plan
  • Be your own visionary – see the big picture and how to make it happen
  • Work with a Dharma Express Certified Coach for 6 months to help keep you on track
  • Know the Dharma Discovery Tools and Templates to redefine your life purpose as life changes


To learn more about Dharma Express check out their TEDx talk.