Imagine if every fortune 500 company CEO had started their career with a year of service...





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Failure as Success

When we were young, failure was practically embedded in everything we did. A visit to the grocery store with your […]

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5 Tips for Getting into the Peace Corps

This year Peace Corps completely revamped their application process! What does this mean for you?  It means the notoriously cumbersome Peace […]

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Activist Playlist #WorldMusicDay

Happy World Music Day! Making the choice to venture down a career path as a change maker dedicated to service […]

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Canyons, Causes and Connections

Last week I spent 5 days and 4 nights trekking through 38 miles of meandering, rocky terrain in the Grand […]

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We connect students with service

and educate them about existing service opportunities. We also work with non-profits to carve out and create new long-term or stipend-supported volunteer options.

Stories of Service

Mindy Stevens, Guide

My name is Mindy Stevens and I was born and raised in Garden Grove, Orange County, CA. After graduating from […]

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Career Center Rebel- Journey of an Unconventional Engineer Part 3

Career Center Rebel is a guest blog series written by Erica Spiritos, a Soul Searcher and Idealist. Erica is bold […]

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Samantha, Americorps Vista

Name: Samantha Type of Work: Medical/Public Health, Childcare Region: North America Length of stay: 1 Year+       Tell us […]

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Meet the Guide: Ellyn Couillard

Name: Ellyn Couillard Profession: Director of Academic Support at Paine College in Augusta, GA University: University of Georgia (BA), St. Cloud State University […]

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Student / University of San Diego

NGS is such a wonderful resource, with mentors who make an otherwise overwhelming process seem much more manageable and exciting. Their first-hand experience in these service programs allows for invaluable advice and encouragement. I greatly appreciate the one-on-one support that I have received!





Student / University of San Diego

My dream for several years now has been to join the Peace Corps after college. However, I didn’t actually know how to go about making my dream into a reality. The sessions have given me a lot of perspective and have helped me put my passion into a concrete plan and timeline.