Imagine if every fortune 500 company CEO had started their career with a year of service...





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5 Ways Service Years Prepare You for Entrepreneurship

I frequently meet students looking to become social entrepreneurs after they graduate. They are seduced by the idea of freedom, […]

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Top 5 Sources of Inspiration

Where Do We Find Inspiration? At the Next Generation of Service, we pair students and recent graduates with peer guides […]

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How to Join AmeriCorps In 5 Steps

1. Set An Intention What do you want to get out of your AmeriCorps participation? Community service, professional experience and […]

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Our Inner Truth on Leading the Self

By Jessica Tang   Four years ago, when I first started teaching yoga, I always aspired for the one day […]

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We connect students with service

and educate them about existing service opportunities. We also work with non-profits to carve out and create new long-term or stipend-supported volunteer options.

Stories of Service

Leading the Hard Conversations

NGS founder, Anna Lenhart, interviewed Breannah Alexander about women reVamped and doing a year of service. Breannah Alexander is the […]

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Learnings from the World of EdTech

NGS founder, Anna Lenhart, interviewed Shonak Patel  Shonak Patel is the co-founder of Gather Education, a virtual classroom platform that […]

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Guide Profile: Stacey Williams

Name: Stacey Williams Profession: Field Instructor & Student Wellness Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Development Studies Institute University: Westmont College (undergrad) / University of San […]

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Hil Miller: Guide Profile

Name: Hil Miller Profession: Senior Systems Administrator at the Texas Advanced Computing Center University: University of Florida / University of […]

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Student / University of San Diego

NGS is such a wonderful resource, with mentors who make an otherwise overwhelming process seem much more manageable and exciting. Their first-hand experience in these service programs allows for invaluable advice and encouragement. I greatly appreciate the one-on-one support that I have received!





Student / University of San Diego

My dream for several years now has been to join the Peace Corps after college. However, I didn’t actually know how to go about making my dream into a reality. The sessions have given me a lot of perspective and have helped me put my passion into a concrete plan and timeline.