Figuring out What to Do After Graduation- a Collaborative Effort

The NGS Movement recognizes the value of community when it comes to discovering next steps.  We offer one-on-one guidance via video calls and we also host inspiration circles where students can come together to explore options for how to make a difference after graduation.

Here are some thoughts from Nicole Morozov, NGS Blogger:

Individuality is often prized as the paramount indicator of someone’s intelligence and potential achievements. While solo work may produce great results, collaborative work can prove to be the most productive in developing ideas, creating plans and programs, and even improving individual performance in various fields.

For certain disciplines, especially those related to volunteering or social work, cooperative groups are necessary in bringing together ideas and conversations. When students- or anyone- do not know what they wish to do with their lives, discussing career possibilities and discovering common interests can help people connect with groups or organizations that would interest them. Without this collaborative work, individuals might be lost or mystified by attempting to find appealing opportunities for vocations.

A few of the benefits are enumerated below:

  • People can become active, rather than passive, learners. Active involvement in groups can encourage better leadership in volunteering or social work itself.
  • People can lead their own learning. When students can focus on their educational needs, they can understand their shortcomings and work to address them.
  • Opportunities for meeting people with similar interests may arise. Students who find other people with alike values can collaborate on projects further or expand individual work.
  • Individuality brings variety to groups. With more people providing input on an issue come more opportunities for discussion. Diversity is key in approaching a topic from all sides.
  • Quiet or restrained students can be encouraged to speak or share ideas. They can also receive support in their work or have the opportunity to just listen to small, group conversations.
  • Inspiration circles have the unique advantage of being purposefully created to help individuals and encourage them in any desired field or issue.
  • Strength in numbers! Small but powerful groups can create the greatest change by spreading the word about different organizations or movements.

Social reform organizations rely heavily upon group collaboration to have the greatest amount of input and eventual impact on the world. The teamwork done for volunteering, interning, or in jobs is always a learning opportunity for individuals to discover more about the group, an issue, or even themselves.